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You know you’re a writer when …

There’s a magnificent view out twenty-foot windows, but your gaze is locked onto your computer screen It’s time for a shower, but you must unravel a plot thread. Emptying the dishwasher you ponder a character’s personality type. The conversation drifts towards editing  and you’re fixated on every word. You examine techniques to create compelling conflicts. You’re in the company of nine other authors who are … Continue reading You know you’re a writer when …

The Dream of a “Forever” Mother

What happens to a child when a mother exits a marriage and disappears? This theme of abandonment and loss haunted me as I read true-life anecdotes as well as fictional stories about girls who lost their mothers. These are some of the issues that I wanted to explore in LITTLE WHITE CASTLES (A Novella) Book #4 in The Girlfriends Series  available on and  … Continue reading The Dream of a “Forever” Mother

Books that make you pause: In Childhood

I’ve had a chance to reflect on books that made an impact on me when I was a young reader. They are: 1. The Secret Garden -Frances Hodgson Burnett 2. The Catcher in the Rye -J.D. Salinger 3. Nine Stories -J.D. Salinger 4. Of Human Bondage-W. Somerset Maughan 5. To Kill a Mockingbird-Harper Lee I pondered … Continue reading Books that make you pause: In Childhood

Names, Names, Names

When I first started writing fiction I decided that I needed to have a pseudonym. Why? I’m not too sure. I simply wanted to invent a name. So I chose ‘Joan Morgan’. Joan was my name at birth and Morgan was a strong name, that I liked. So Joan Morgan I became. During my teen … Continue reading Names, Names, Names

Change the Brain

Last week I was slogging through the mud, wrestling with my manuscript. I was stuck in the quick-sand of my brain. Nothing was working! Oh joy! A way out! The bushman suggested we leave our camping spot and head to a Bluegrass Festival close by. And why not? Sometimes leaving the ‘work’ temporarily is a very fine option. Immediately … Continue reading Change the Brain