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Embracing Joy

Joyful moments with children. Parenting can be exhausting, complicated and stressful.  But it can also have stunning moments of pure joy. Kelsey Malone, the heroine of my latest novel Finding Quinn discovers that those special times can make her heart sing. She lives for these moments. There is a lot of media that concentrates on the … Continue reading Embracing Joy

The Law of Attraction

Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret (2006) created a lot of attention. Various  teachers contributed to this self-help book giving advice on money, health and relationships. But the more we read about what works in relationships, the less we seem to understand. Two very different individuals meet and for some reason, there is that spark, that zing, … Continue reading The Law of Attraction

Nerves of Steel

Today is the launch of my  contemporary firefighter romance FINDING QUINN (the second book in The Coopers series). The Origin of the Story In 2013 I was captivated by a story of a team of firefighters who died in a horrifying wildfire just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.  Nineteen men were trapped with no escape. This … Continue reading Nerves of Steel

Lily’s Point of View & Others

It’s intriguing to consider that everyone we meet in the course of a day is walking around on this earth, immersed in their own point of view bubble. That is, they are experiencing the world through their own eyes and through their own background of unique experiences. So, the young man who helps me with … Continue reading Lily’s Point of View & Others