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Writing Rituals

Well now! Do I expose my behaviour to the world? Okay, here we go. First, I’m superstitious or maybe ‘ultra-aware’. I’m sensitive to sounds, movement and the energy around me. Some of my friends can write in buses, in cars, in coffee shops and restaurants. That is admirable. I can research or edit in those … Continue reading Writing Rituals

Life in general got a little too ‘lifey’.

That’s a quote from the amazing Anne Lamott – an American novelist and non-fiction writer. She felt unable to produce much writing because of exhaustion from a book tour, renovating a new home and moving in with her life partner. She needed to put writing aside. Just for while, until she felt ready to create … Continue reading Life in general got a little too ‘lifey’.

Filtering Out the Noise

Lately it has become difficult, sometimes impossible for me to remain removed from the tragedy of world events. What’s happening ‘out there’ all over the world is heart-breaking. Living in the province of Quebec for a number of years I was exposed to chaotic, theatrical and unusual politics. But those issues pale in contrast to what I’m reading, witnessing and absorbing now. I’m … Continue reading Filtering Out the Noise

Finding Hayden

Ah yes, a mere thirteen years after joining a romance writing group, I’m pleased to say that I’ve written one. My contemporary romance Finding Hayden is finally released into the universe. Of course, this isn’t my first romance. I wrote at least three, that were not exactly ready for public consumption. My first romance consisted of … Continue reading Finding Hayden

Do writing retreats work?

I’ve been pondering the positive aspects of living ‘away’ and focussing only on writing. Of course, the immediate thought is – “I’m simply not home.” For different writers – ‘home’ and its complexities means different things. For me,  I’m away from my kitchen. We tend to entertain and having a crowd around the table is a frequent … Continue reading Do writing retreats work?