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The Vancouver Writers Fest – Oct 15-21

In the heart of Vancouver, on Granville Island as well as at three off-island venues, lies an outstanding opportunity for readers and writers to immerse themselves in writerly conversations about books. A massive number of authors attend this festival. Events are organized by genre. Participants can choose from the following: Adventure, Can Lit, Current Affairs, … Continue reading The Vancouver Writers Fest – Oct 15-21

The only child. The middle child. The child in the crowd.

Families fascinate me. My mom was an only child. As the ‘one and only’ she had opportunities for travel, education and sports. She could have become very spoiled but she did not become entitled. My dad had three brothers and three sisters. The children spent a lot of time sharing beds, arguing over chores and … Continue reading The only child. The middle child. The child in the crowd.

Manipulating Lives

Ah yes! The power of it all. A friend of mine traveled from Victoria, to spend two days with me. We’ve known each other for years. She’s written a number of non-fiction books for teachers and is a former colleague when we worked as school principals. But the most important thing is that she adores … Continue reading Manipulating Lives

Writing Rituals

Well now! Do I expose my behaviour to the world? Okay, here we go. First, I’m superstitious or maybe ‘ultra-aware’. I’m sensitive to sounds, movement and the energy around me. Some of my friends can write in buses, in cars, in coffee shops and restaurants. That is admirable. I can research or edit in those … Continue reading Writing Rituals

Lily re-invents herself.

In my romance novel ‘Finding Hayden’ -Available on Amazon, the reader is introduced to Lily Mae Morgan. She’s a young woman who harbours many secrets. Stanley Island in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest is her chosen place of refuge and she works there as a breakfast cook. She’s escaping from her past but she finds solace and contentment in the early morning hours of a … Continue reading Lily re-invents herself.