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Manipulating Lives

Ah yes! The power of it all. A friend of mine traveled from Victoria, to spend two days with me. We’ve known each other for years. She’s written a number of non-fiction books for teachers and is a former colleague when we worked as school principals. But the most important thing is that she adores … Continue reading Manipulating Lives

Writing Rituals

Well now! Do I expose my behaviour to the world? Okay, here we go. First, I’m superstitious or maybe ‘ultra-aware’. I’m sensitive to sounds, movement and the energy around me. Some of my friends can write in buses, in cars, in coffee shops and restaurants. That is admirable. I can research or edit in those … Continue reading Writing Rituals

Lily re-invents herself.

In my romance novel ‘Finding Hayden’ -Available on Amazon, the reader is introduced to Lily Mae Morgan. She’s a young woman who harbours many secrets. Stanley Island in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest is her chosen place of refuge and she works there as a breakfast cook. She’s escaping from her past but she finds solace and contentment in the early morning hours of a … Continue reading Lily re-invents herself.

Saguaro Romance Writers – RWA Chapter 58, Tucson, Arizona

On January 23, I was pleased to be able to attend a tele-conference arranged by the Tucson Chapter of the RWA. Mary Buckham was our presenter via Skype. It’s always a pleasure to have a speaker who is not only a workshop leader but is an author as well. Ms. Buckham is a USA Today … Continue reading Saguaro Romance Writers – RWA Chapter 58, Tucson, Arizona

Evidence of a Writing Life

During this last week, I’ve purged my office. I mean really cleaned it. For the first time ever, a housesitter wants to use my space. Initially, I was choked. Someone inhabiting my sanctuary with my wall art, angels, and crystals. My personal queendom. Then I got over it, and decided to clean up my room. And oh … Continue reading Evidence of a Writing Life