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An eye-opener!

Well now! Full disclosure. I must confess I’m  a political junkie. I believe it’s because I lived in the province of Quebec for over fourteen years. And that province is a hot-bed of intensity. How do I find relief? When the news gets too overwhelming, or I get too rattled, then I resort to a … Continue reading An eye-opener!

Bonding on the fire line

Horrific fires continue to burn throughout North America. Courageous men and women, whether they are members of hotshot crews or smoke jumpers battle immense out-of-control blazes. However, they pay a huge price. As the fire season progresses, they suffer mental and physical fatigue. Often they experience health issues because they don’t have enough time to … Continue reading Bonding on the fire line

The only child. The middle child. The child in the crowd.

Families fascinate me. My mom was an only child. As the ‘one and only’ she had opportunities for travel, education and sports. She could have become very spoiled but she did not become entitled. My dad had three brothers and three sisters. The children spent a lot of time sharing beds, arguing over chores and … Continue reading The only child. The middle child. The child in the crowd.

Embracing Joy

Joyful moments with children. Parenting can be exhausting, complicated and stressful.  But it can also have stunning moments of pure joy. Kelsey Malone, the heroine of my latest novel Finding Quinn discovers that those special times can make her heart sing. She lives for these moments. There is a lot of media that concentrates on the … Continue reading Embracing Joy

The Law of Attraction

Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret (2006) created a lot of attention. Various  teachers contributed to this self-help book giving advice on money, health and relationships. But the more we read about what works in relationships, the less we seem to understand. Two very different individuals meet and for some reason, there is that spark, that zing, … Continue reading The Law of Attraction