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The word of the month – Acceptance

It’s hard to believe how quickly February rolled by in my life. And I realized I hadn’t shared my word of the month. Here it is: ACCEPTANCE. This is understanding that for right here, right now, that’s the way things are in my life. It doesn’t mean that I necessarily accept everything.  No, some things … Continue reading The word of the month – Acceptance

When in doubt …

When I was young, my dad would share his favourite mantra which was: “When in doubt go back to school.” So whenever I was flopping about (which was often) or changing careers (which was often) he didn’t express concern or disgust. Instead, he would push me towards taking a class, or returning to university. He … Continue reading When in doubt …

There’s something about Water

All my life I’ve loved water. That is, immersing myself in it, whether it is simply a shower, or floating in a hot tub, or swimming in a pool, or a lake or the ocean. However, because I’m such a big fan of pools, I like to see the bottom of what I’m swimming in … Continue reading There’s something about Water

Ushering in the year with a word!

When I was a teenager I believed in New Year’s Resolutions. I chose goals that were totally transformative and impossible. And I did this year after year. For example, a favourite was, “I want to turn into a tall, thin blonde with straight hair.” Ah yes! Easy peasy. Truth bombshell revealed. I’m five feet tall … Continue reading Ushering in the year with a word!

Christmas Memories

My Mom She was a very hard worker. Her children had to look presentable and her house needed to sparkle. During the Christmas holidays, she took pride in her sparkling floors. She was on her hands and knees applying floor wax everywhere. My job was to operate the electric polisher. I loved that task. The … Continue reading Christmas Memories