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The Law of Attraction

Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret (2006) created a lot of attention. Various  teachers contributed to this self-help book giving advice on money, health and relationships. But the more we read about what works in relationships, the less we seem to understand. Two very different individuals meet and for some reason, there is that spark, that zing, … Continue reading The Law of Attraction

Military Widows

I’m writing this post on a brilliant sunny day and the weather makes me feel good. Yet I’m contemplating sadness, as I prepare to release my second contemporary romance novel – Finding Quinn. The female protagonist Kelsey Malone is facing a personal battle. As a military widow, she’s attempting to embrace a new chapter in her … Continue reading Military Widows

Courageous Firefighters

Sometimes I wonder if North America will burn to a crisp. Every summer wildfires consume property, businesses, livestock, and homes. Residents are displaced. Often there is nothing left except for charred ruins. We get accustomed to this scenario. Each year I follow this news with dread. What kind of person  signs up for wildfire fighting … Continue reading Courageous Firefighters

A meeting of Magicians

This past month I had the privilege of attending a workshop given by magicians. Ah, you may say. But I thought you were a writer. Wasn’t this a writing meeting? True. But in my mind, writers are magicians.  After all, writers spin words out of the atmosphere. And they trap them in poems, short stories, … Continue reading A meeting of Magicians

The word of the month – Acceptance

It’s hard to believe how quickly February rolled by in my life. And I realized I hadn’t shared my word of the month. Here it is: ACCEPTANCE. This is understanding that for right here, right now, that’s the way things are in my life. It doesn’t mean that I necessarily accept everything.  No, some things … Continue reading The word of the month – Acceptance