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Filling the Well

I’ve chosen to immerse myself in an extreme learning mode. First, I attended a one-day workshop this past month with Laurie Schnebley -author of Believable Characters-Creating with Ennegrams in Victoria, B.C

“Ennea,” is the Greek word for nine and Ms. Schnebley has created nine personality types in her ennegram system. Her book is very concrete sequential and her handouts were very helpful. Fascinating stuff.

As well, I’m a participant in an on-line course delivered by RITA award winner Barbara Samuel. She writes as Barbara O’Neal, women’s fiction with a focus on family dynamics, dogs and food. The focus is on “Voice” and I’m enjoying every step of this journey.

I’m also taking a course in Writing for Young Adults – offered by the University of Victoria. The instructors are Sarah Harvey, editor/author and Robin Stevenson, author. Both women have books published by Orca Books – a publishing house for children and teens in Victoria, B.C

Just to ensure I had ‘enough on my plate’ I also signed up for Emerald City Writers’ Conference held in Bellevue, Washington. This conference is always well attended. Around 250 writers registered this year. There was a buffet of workshops, great networking and the opportunity to interact with editors and agents.  It is the largest romance writing conference on the west coast.

 So now I’m filled to the brim. I’ve received an avalanche of new information, new strategies and new ways to approach my craft.

Yay Jodie! You are hanging in. (and oh yes, I received three requests for partial submissions at Emerald City). Tra La!


  1. Congrats, Jodie, on the requests for partials! And well done all the filling of your well. I’m envious. Mine is nearly pumped dry and I need to do find a way to reverse the flow.

  2. Hi Jodie,

    I knew you were a busy, busy person and now you’ve confirmed it.
    But great to have stuff swirling around the brain. I can hardly wait to hear great voices in the King. Onward!


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