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Letting Go

Last weekend I participated in a brave and wonderful adventure. I gave away books!

I have to admit, I had a bit of a build-up and I needed space in the guest room. I wouldn’t say I’m a sad hoarder, like those reality shows in t.v. but I have a tendency to stack and collect and keep books. What can I say? I love books!

I have a Kindle and find it useful and worthwhile especially when I want something ‘fast’ or when I’m traveling. However, it’s hard to share a Kindle download.

I had collected all kinds of books. Women’s fiction, memoir, romance, craft books, non-fiction, the list goes on. A buffet of books.

I presented them to friends while we enjoyed tea and lattes  in a restaurant. It was as if I’d surprised them with a banquet. And it was – a banquet of books.

Yes- over the years I’ve sold books to used book stores and I’ve given away books to thrift stores. I’m quite capable of heading down that path.

But nothing beats sharing the delight of an avid reader as they spot a novel they really want to own.

All in all – a fine experience.  If you want to create a highlight for your day – give a book away.


  1. Hi,

    I confess to a quite a different philosophy. I go through
    my books and try to triage, but rarely do I
    dispose of them unless they are duplicates, not
    well-written or just not my taste. Mind you I have a lot of
    non-fiction to which I refer constantly. I was reading a book
    about the early church and the author’s great intelligence shone through. We are fortunate to live in an era
    where so much is available for entertainment and enlightenment.

    But you have in me a delighted recipient of books! For sure.


  2. As another one of the recipients of said books, all I can say is – Thank You Jodie.

    Another book lover!

  3. It’s true Sharron – there are some books I simply cannot give away. Too much emotional attachment.

    However, at the same time, when I do give away a tender book that made an impact on me, I’m hopeful that the new owner will also marvel at the writing and will be in awe of the author’s expertise.

  4. I purge my shelves periodically and either give books to friends or donate them to a local thrift store or to the library at the cancer clinic.

    FYI, the cancer clinic’s library has a free book-exchange basket. They gratefully accept donations, and cancer patients welcome the escape found in a good book.

  5. It’s very hard for me to get rid of books – I love everything about them. But when the immovable object (house walls) meet the irresistible force (growing collection of books) something’s gotta give.

    Having a book buffet is a delightful idea and kudos to you for hosting it, Jodie!

    1. Rachel, I am right with you — it’s hard to get rid of books! But once my daughter started saving every book, too, I had to make a change — we just don’t have the space, either! So now I save all non-fiction, but only beloved fiction (it helps that most of my fiction these days goes straight to kindle). We regularly pack away already-read books for younger cousins (and a few precious ones will get saved for grandchildren, I suppose — it seems so far away, tho). But I love the way a bookcase makes the house feel. Books and plants — can’t live without them in the home.

  6. Yes, Rachel – a ‘book buffet’ is the way to go. Whether it is trading books or total ‘give-aways’ it can be a very festive occasion.

  7. I’ve got a stack of To Be Read books in my bedroom. If I ever get through them, I will keep your example in mind, Jodie, and have a little get together and give them away!

  8. I think Jacqui you will find it is an outstanding idea. I was floating for the rest of the day. I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun when you host your ‘buffet of books’.

  9. Emily, your comment about books and plants resonated with me. I think both add to a healthy environment. Right now, I have kept an orchid in bloom and I’m thrilled with myself. In terms of collecting books, I tend to collect wicker baskets and they kind of have a theme. That seems to make the culling process easier.

  10. Jodie

    What a great idea! Over the years I’ve given away numerous books or recycled through used book stores but the idea of a book buffet is a stroke of genius. And I do keep my favorite ones.

  11. Oh good for you! loved the ‘create a highlight for the day – give a book away’…..

    um…but where’s mine???? :) Lisa

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