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And not writing. But thinking about writing. Annoyed by ‘not writing’ so therefore the only thing to do is – Write!

Hanging on by my fingertips in a local writing group in Casa Grande, Arizona. But it’s hard to stay focused with a buffet of activities to choose from and spectacular weather. (not to mention stellar dinner parties and get-togethers).

And yet. Even writing this blog reminds me of how much I love words. I love playing with words. I love hearing words. And I love discovering a new word.

Song lyrics tug at my brain and create a torrent of emotions. Words can wash over my body like a massive wave. So, the moral of the story is ‘Just Do It’, which of course is a marketing phrase and totally over-utilized. Cliche, cliche.

So, I must invent my own phrase.  Writing is ‘me’. Writing is what I do!

End of speech for today.

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