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A meeting of Magicians

This past month I had the privilege of attending a workshop given by magicians. Ah, you may say. But I thought you were a writer. Wasn’t this a writing meeting? True. But in my mind, writers are magicians.  After all, writers spin words out of the atmosphere. And they trap them in poems, short stories, articles, essays, plays and novels. I could go on. And that’s a marvelous, astonishing, mind-blowing ability.

Spending time with magicians/aka writers is always uplifting. Everyone has a curious mind and everyone is so different that their stories are equally unique.

During this workshop, four authors: Lee McKenzie, Rachel Goldsworthy, Shelley Adina and Sharon Ashwood explained Collaborative Creativity in 12 Proven Steps.

As I tend to have a concrete-sequential mind, and love to use frameworks, their approach worked for me.

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Expand Ideas
  3. Align Ideas
  4. Evaluate Risk
  5. Outline the project
  6. Who does what?
  7. Assign deadlines
  8. Review
  9. Remember your health
  10. Complete
  11. Pay the bills
  12. Let’s do it again

I was especially intrigued that as a group they were wise enough to include a section on Health. Without good health, writing can fall into a big trough. And the writer/magician will be tempted to abandon projects.

I guess the most appealing aspect for me, was that a writer wouldn’t feel alone. The writing business can be a solitary occupation and if you are fortunate to have around you a group of like-minded souls then there can be support as well as humour.

This was an intriguing, standing-room only workshop. This group will be wanting to share their expertise. Find out more about how four writers decided to tackle a project and move it along the continuum from idea to published novellas and an anthology.

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  1. Yes, it was a terrific, inspiring workshop. I was so impressed by the way these four authors combined professionalism, creativity, and fun throughout the process of producing their Corsair’s Cove stories. And also how they always made sure to respect their friendship.

  2. Jodie, we’re all so pleased you enjoyed the workshop and found it magical! Getting to Corsair’s Cove has been a wonderful journey and we’re honored to share it.

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