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Jodie Esch Bio Young Adult author of The Girlfriends Series Little White Lies, Little White Pills, Little White Magic & Little White Castles | JodieEsch.comMy first three years were spent on idyllic Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Then, my family moved to the eastern side of Canada, to another paradise, Prince Edward Island. As a child in an air force family, travel was my life. I became an expert at making friends quickly and settling into new places.

My dad, my mentor owned an immense dictionary and he was fascinated with words. During the evening meal, he would present a challenging word, read the definition and then make me use it in a sentence. His love of language made a lasting impact on my life. I would often write stories using his ‘word of the day’.

I studied dance and theatre at college in Quebec, but chose teaching as a way to fulfil my creative goals. My career advanced in Quebec, the Northwest Territories and British Columbia. But I sensed something was missing. I remembered my dad’s mantra – ‘When in doubt, go back to school’.

And so I did. I completed graduate degrees in education and sailed into school administration. Working with students, parents and teachers became my universe.

After several years I became restless and seeking another adventure, I allowed my childhood love of writing to resurface. I experimented with different genres – romance, romantic suspense, women’s fiction and young adult novels. On this journey, I finally discovered my author’s voice.

The struggles of passionate young people fuel my imagination and compel me to write their stories. Finally, I’ve found my home in Young Adult fiction. I’ve regained my love of writing and have returned to Vancouver Island. The circle is complete.

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Professional Organizations

I am a member of the VIRA, Vancouver Island Romance Authors. This group focuses on craft as well as marketing. Their tips and strategies have kept me focused on my writing journey.

I listen carefully to what other writers have to say. Why is that? Because I have to write, I want to write, I need to write.