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Can childhood interests transform into adult passions?

I always think about the backstory of my characters when writing a book. In my Christmas novella, Finding Tony, my hero is an accomplished master chef. Cooking is his passion and his obsession.

I asked myself…

In Tony’s childhood, did he help mix pancakes with his mom? Did he move a stool around the kitchen and want to help with food preparation? Did he enjoy going to a supermarket to learn about exotic vegetables and fruit? Did he look forward to the experience of pushing around the mini-shopping cart in the grocery store?

In today’s world…

Kids can watch their peer groups on television cooking shows. These young people are experts at creating fabulous meals. The contestants are coached but still they must have a natural inclination towards enjoying food and cooking for others.

In Finding Tony

Tony has been trapped in the negative underbelly of the restaurant industry. He’s swimming in debt and has lost his creative spark. He needs to reinvent himself.

Stories of ‘starting again’ have always appealed to me as I like to think that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This theme isn’t new. Many books have this plot line. But each book differs in terms of how the main character arrives at their destination.

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  1. Lovely blog, Jodie. I’m also attracted to stories of ‘starting again.’ It’s great fun to go on a journey with a character who is reinventing him or herself. Good luck with the release!

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