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Finding Hayden, book 1 in the Coopers Series — a contemporary romance series set on an island paradise in the Pacific Northwest, dotted with vineyards, markets and beaches. Follow this dynamic family and their friends. Read all of my ‘Finding Hayden’ blog posts below…

Lucky/Unlucky in Life

I’ve been pondering the whole scenario of luck. The recent  massacre in Las Vegas prompted me to think about how fortunate some people are and others are not. The sheer randomness of the incident made an impact on me. Some fans attended the concert and stayed to the end. Others did not. Some men and … Continue reading Lucky/Unlucky in Life

Lily’s Point of View & Others

It’s intriguing to consider that everyone we meet in the course of a day is walking around on this earth, immersed in their own point of view bubble. That is, they are experiencing the world through their own eyes and through their own background of unique experiences. So, the young man who helps me with … Continue reading Lily’s Point of View & Others

Being Loved

I’m pondering the themes in my novels and beginning to understand the deep pull of these sometimes hidden concepts. In my Young Adult novels – The Girlfriends Series my two main protagonists Rachel and Steph are yearning and searching for love and acceptance. In the first book of my adult contemporary series – The Coopers, the two … Continue reading Being Loved

Sometimes It’s Enough …

To watch the garden spinner twirl in the wind To marvel at the opening of a blood red poppy To discover the owl blending into the tree To wonder at the conversations of birds To feel the breeze caress my limbs Sometimes this is enough. And for today – it was. Because my mind was … Continue reading Sometimes It’s Enough …

Hayden’s Battle

TThe hero in my novel ‘Finding Hayden’ is a survivor of war. He’s alive, but barely. He’s trapped in his own thoughts re-living atrocities that he’d liked to forget. Check out this photo. Don’t be lured into thinking that all is well. Maybe yes. Maybe no. Did these soldiers return whole? Were they injured physically or mentally? Many … Continue reading Hayden’s Battle