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Finding Quinn, book 2 in the Coopers Series — a contemporary romance series set on an island paradise in the Pacific Northwest, dotted with vineyards, markets and beaches. Follow this dynamic family and their friends. Read all of my ‘Finding Quinn’ blog posts below…

Courageous Firefighters

Sometimes I wonder if North America will burn to a crisp. Every summer wildfires consume property, businesses, livestock, and homes. Residents are displaced. Often there is nothing left except for charred ruins. We get accustomed to this scenario. Each year I follow this news with dread. What kind of person  signs up for wildfire fighting … Continue reading Courageous Firefighters

Being Loved

I’m pondering the themes in my novels and beginning to understand the deep pull of these sometimes hidden concepts. In my Young Adult novels – The Girlfriends Series my two main protagonists Rachel and Steph are yearning and searching for love and acceptance. In the first book of my adult contemporary series – The Coopers, the two … Continue reading Being Loved

Researching, Pondering & Plotting

My mind is adrift with a thousand different possibilities for my next book Finding Quinn – the second novel in my island romance series – The Coopers. I’m digging into plot lines, creating back stories for my main characters and learning new things. The internet is outstanding, as I search for articles that will help me flesh out … Continue reading Researching, Pondering & Plotting