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Follow best friends, Rachel and Steph as they navigate the turbulent waters of adolescence. Read all of my ‘The Girlfriends Series’ blog posts below…

Being Loved

I’m pondering the themes in my novels and beginning to understand the deep pull of these sometimes hidden concepts. In my Young Adult novels – The Girlfriends Series my two main protagonists Rachel and Steph are yearning and searching for love and acceptance. In the first book of my adult contemporary series – The Coopers, the two … Continue reading Being Loved

The Writing Process Blog Hop

Thank you to author Lisa McManus who graciously invited me to be a participant in The Writing Process Blog Hop. Lisa can be found at 1. What is my current project? I’m promoting my four Young Adult novels – The Girlfriends Series. Rachel and Steph are best buddies, but their friendship is challenged by … Continue reading The Writing Process Blog Hop

The Dream of a “Forever” Mother

What happens to a child when a mother exits a marriage and disappears? This theme of abandonment and loss haunted me as I read true-life anecdotes as well as fictional stories about girls who lost their mothers. These are some of the issues that I wanted to explore in LITTLE WHITE CASTLES (A Novella) Book #4 in The Girlfriends Series  available on and  … Continue reading The Dream of a “Forever” Mother

Little White Magic -Book # 3 (The Girlfriends Series)

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Little White Magic -Book # 3 in my Girlfriends Series available on and  This book seems to have taken forever. But when I reflected on my process, it’s because the ideas have simmered in my brain for years. In LITTLE WHITE MAGIC, Rachel and her best friend Steph are spending … Continue reading Little White Magic -Book # 3 (The Girlfriends Series)