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Pinterest, Cake Plates & More

Pinterest For Fun Searching for photos that are appealing is very engaging. Whether you are looking for garden designs, kitchen renovations or the latest Keto recipes, Pinterest can hold your interest. It’s like having access to a phenomenal number of magazines. Recently, I decided to make a board for Cake Plates because I have a … Continue reading Pinterest, Cake Plates & More

What’s coming around the corner?

This is the time of year when I always ponder and reflect on the events of the previous year. It’s my way of assessing what has taken place. And like everyone that I know my life has been a series of valleys and mountains. Unexpected events were challenging. I don’t want to dwell on the … Continue reading What’s coming around the corner?

An eye-opener!

Well now! Full disclosure. I must confess I’m  a political junkie. I believe it’s because I lived in the province of Quebec for over fourteen years. And that province is a hot-bed of intensity. How do I find relief? When the news gets too overwhelming, or I get too rattled, then I resort to a … Continue reading An eye-opener!

The Vancouver Writers Fest – Oct 15-21

In the heart of Vancouver, on Granville Island as well as at three off-island venues, lies an outstanding opportunity for readers and writers to immerse themselves in writerly conversations about books. A massive number of authors attend this festival. Events are organized by genre. Participants can choose from the following: Adventure, Can Lit, Current Affairs, … Continue reading The Vancouver Writers Fest – Oct 15-21

The only child. The middle child. The child in the crowd.

Families fascinate me. My mom was an only child. As the ‘one and only’ she had opportunities for travel, education and sports. She could have become very spoiled but she did not become entitled. My dad had three brothers and three sisters. The children spent a lot of time sharing beds, arguing over chores and … Continue reading The only child. The middle child. The child in the crowd.