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Change the Brain

Last week I was slogging through the mud, wrestling with my manuscript. I was stuck in the quick-sand of my brain. Nothing was working!

Oh joy! A way out! The bushman suggested we leave our camping spot and head to a Bluegrass Festival close by. And why not? Sometimes leaving the ‘work’ temporarily is a very fine option.

Immediately I was immersed in some old-time country fair vibrations. I’m talking Hog on a Log, Corn Dogs, Cheesy Fries, Fry Bread, Burritos & Tacos, Philly Cheesesteaks and the most pre-historic looking roasted turkey legs.

Throw in some antique cars, quilts, feather puppets and various hats for sale and you have one fine afternoon.

But it was the music that changed my sluggish brain. Mandolins and banjos ruled the day. The audience was smiling. Everyone was happy. And so was I.

After my music fix, I returned home and made progress with my writing. This entire enterprise reminded me of the power of music.

When I’m deep in my writing zone, I adore total quiet. Song lyrics distract me, because I’m in love with words.

So my question is: Do you write to music or do you prefer silence?