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Courageous Firefighters

Finding Quinn by Jodie Esch Sometimes I wonder if North America will burn to a crisp. Every summer wildfires consume property, businesses, livestock, and homes. Residents are displaced. Often there is nothing left except for charred ruins.

We get accustomed to this scenario. Each year I follow this news with dread.

What kind of person  signs up for wildfire fighting knowing that this job is dangerous and exhausting? In my research I was impressed with the dedication, skill and strength required to survive this occupation.

And yet, sometimes the men and women who tackle this job aren’t lucky. They perish in horrific circumstances in spite of their training.

I pondered this idea and began my second, contemporary romance novel, Finding Quinn.  This story features a risk-taking adrenalin junkie, Quinn Cooper. He’s obsessed with working on the fire line. His true love.  I wanted to capture the sense of community and brotherhood that exists in this lifestyle.

Finding Quinn is available on Amazon.

Finding Quinn – Book Description

A military widow’s journey.

A wildfire fighter obsessed with working in danger zones.

Two different worlds.

Do they have the courage to face the future together?

“We regret to inform you …” They’re the words every military spouse dreads.

Kelsey Malone mourns the tragic loss of husband while balancing work and two kids on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. She struggles to accept the loss of her soul mate and embarks on a journey of picking up the pieces. Accepting her new reality is a challenge.

Quinn Cooper is a wildfire fighter addicted to risk and adventure. He adopts a transient life style searching for the next big thrill and adrenalin rush. But he has to examine his choices when he meets a woman who needs his support. He’s not expecting to find a woman who makes him reflect on his decisions. Is he prepared for the new chapter that lies just around the corner?

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  1. I had a massage therapist who was a firefighter for several years before becoming a massage therapist. One thing I learned was how well trained they were and how firefighting had changed since the local fire dept would take anyone and get them out fighting forest fires during fire season when I was growing up in a small town. I’ll look forward to reading Funding Quinn when it comes out.

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne! I fussed about the cover for some time – but I’m enjoying the final choice. I’m looking forward to the book launch as well.

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