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Embracing Joy

Joyful moments with children.

Parenting can be exhausting, complicated and stressful.  But it can also have stunning moments of pure joy. Kelsey Malone, the heroine of my latest novel Finding Quinn discovers that those special times can make her heart sing. She lives for these moments.

There is a lot of media that concentrates on the trials of parenting. And certainly those issues will never disappear.

Losing Joy

When we concentrate on the problems of parenthood and the cost of raising children and all of the difficulties, we tend to forget the pleasurable, happy times. I certainly don’t want to minimize the difficult moments.

Sometimes the problems never disappear. Financial issues plague most families. But in between the worry and concern, one must remember that these are adult issues. Hopefully, many children can be spared from embracing these concerns.

Kelsey Malone tries hard to shelter her two young boys from the harshness of life. But they’ve had to move constantly and she needs to address her own emotional needs as she transforms in widowhood.

My Approach

When I was writing this novel, I realized that this story could become very dark, even tragic. So, as the author, I made sure that I wrote scenes that were definitely child-centric. Noah and Zak became as real to me as my own grandson. And those boys were funny, active and compassionate. Hopefully, just like kids in real life.

Finding Quinn by Jodie Esch



  1. Nice, Jodie. I love spending time with my grandkids too, and find it very rewarding. Yes, there are difficult moments, but I feel the less I dwell on them the better for everyone.
    Happy writing!

    1. Thanks for commenting Sylvie. There is a learning curve, that’s for sure. It’s challenging to find the balance between relaxing and worrying about how their lives are unfolding.

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