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Evidence of a Writing Life

During this last week, I’ve purged my office. I mean really cleaned it. For the first time ever, a housesitter wants to use my space. Initially, I was choked. Someone inhabiting my sanctuary with my wall art, angels, and crystals. My personal queendom. Then I got over it, and decided to clean up my room. And oh yes, do I have files. I guess you could say I’m a paper junkie. Who knows when I might need to re-visit an article?

The office cleaning coincided with a neck injury, so I sat in my husband’s recliner and dutifully read and tossed. And tossed and tossed. Good thing we’ve just received one of those giant plastic blue totes for recycling.

Along the way I discovered:

  1. the beginning of a novel I’d totally forgotten about
  2. a Harlequin rejection (with five paragraphs) Hmm. At the time all I could read was “No” but the senior editor was giving me tips. Now I understand that would be considered a good rejection.
  3. letters of support from members of the chapter when I received a “No” to something I had put my heart and soul into
  4. a letter from an editor about my middle-grade novel that she was considering. If I’d had more knowledge of the business at that time, I could have approached her suggestions in a different way and made an effort to work with her
  5. eight spiral notebooks filled with jottings, ideas, plotting, random thoughts etc.
  6. files for marketing, point of view, revisions, hero & heroines, etc. etc.

All in all, it was an excellent process. If anything it reminded me how hard I’ve worked over the years.

Is the office perfect? No, and it won’t be, however the housesitter will be able to efficiently use my space.

And yes, -the angels & crystals stay. One can’t remove all of the good vibrations.

This entire enterprise remined me that truly it’s about the journey not the end-point.

Have you unearthed something recently that reminded you about your writing progress?

I’d love to hear from you.