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Feeling Grateful – Living in the Country

tulips-2091609_1920I woke up this morning and went outside onto my front porch. The air was sweet and clean.

We live on a dead end street and most days there is limited traffic. I surveyed my garden, by simply looking over the railing and thought ‘life is good’. My lavender is lush and a rose bush that has struggled is now in full bloom. The day lilies are about to pop!

Fifteen years ago, when we decided to move back to the country, it was an adjustment for me. Finding my place. Reaching out to the neighbours. Learning to live in the silence.

We’ve worked on our home so that now it feels like ‘us’. The bushman loves his double garage for his ever-changing projects. He built a carding machine and has been transforming alpaca fiber (sometimes alpaca combined with wool) into rovings for spinners.

Over the years, we’ve removed old carpets, installed bamboo flooring and an exotic living room floor that was an auction item.

In the kitchen, I can display my collections of serving plates, cake stands and other kitchen goodies. The yellow colour is welcoming. Art is everywhere including a large stained glass that I had made for the bushman years ago.

We’ve enjoyed many exuberant meals on our porch and in our dining room. We love to gather around the table and share food and stories with others.

This is Home! And when we’re surrounded by family and friends, I’d have to say we are ever so grateful!

Grateful! Which really, in my opinion, should be spelled – GREAT-FULL!

If you can be torn away from the gorgeous weather we’re experiencing , what are you grateful for this week?




  1. Jodie,
    Great post.
    I love your home. The moment I entered it I sensed it was different; a sacred space where people are welcomed in from the storm, a place where intellect, creativity and inspiration thrive, a true home with full hearts.

    1. What a beautiful and thoughtful description of our home Jo-Ann. I’ve tried to create areas of meaningful rest. The art and other treasures I think are what makes it a tranquil retreat. Hope that you’re outside in the lovely sun. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Totally get where you’re coming from, Jodie. Not only have I stayed at your beautiful home, but I’m also giving thanks for the nice weather. xo

    1. Thanks for commenting Mimi. The beautiful weather right now is a bonus. So glad to see the sun. Love the photo of your gorgeous planter on your porch. Sending love your way.

    2. Thanks Mimi for commenting!

      I know what a tough month you’ve been having. Isn’t it wonderful though, that we’ve been blessed with great weather. Hang in there. And take care.

  3. Having enjoyed an author lunch at your place I can attest to how you’ve made your house a warm and inviting home. For myself I’m grateful for the chance to travel with my son this year and equally great – grateful to be home and live in such an amazing place.

    1. Thanks Pat for your compliment about my home. Travel is exciting as well, and what a wonderful trip you had with your son. When I return from a trip, I’m always so pleased to be back in Canada. You need to rest up now for your next big adventure.

  4. I envy you your lovely home, Jodie. You’ve filled it with mementoes from your journeys and keepsakes from your family, all of which turn a house into a home.
    Enjoy summer on that beautiful deck, I can almost hear the chimes now 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, this house has been transformed into a home. It feels very comfortable for us now. And the porch is the place to be. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to comment.

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