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Finding Tony’s release day & $0.99 sale

I’m excited to share the launch of my new book Finding Tony, a Christmas novella, book 3 in The Coopers series.

I can hardly believe that it’s ‘out there’ in the world. I wrote the first half over the course of a year and the second half in two weeks. Whew! What a bizarre schedule!

To celebrate, I’ve put Finding Tony on sale for $0.99 until October 9th.


Finding Tony by Jodie EschA big city paramedic fights to forget her past.
A famous chef battles the collapse of his culinary empire.
Two hearts come together.

After Star Madison’s boyfriend steals her money and her dignity, the world labels her a victim. She retreats to an island in the Pacific Northwest to follow her dream of becoming a mother. On her own. The last thing she expects is to meet a sexy New York restauranteur who alters her secret plan.

Master Chef Tony Cooper’s life is in chaos. Someone has sabotaged his business and left him in financial ruin. He returns to his family’s estate on Stanley Island and launches a campaign to regain his fortune and his pride. He has no time for love. When he meets a straight-talking woman who challenges his thinking, his life turns upside down.

Can two disillusioned souls learn to accept their mistakes and create a recipe for true love?

If you haven’t read my blog on how Food Trucks inspired part of Finding Tony, click here.