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Gratitude for My Parents

heart-538009_640This is my Birthday Week and my big day is tomorrow. Seven decades. Good Grief! So, I’m in a reflective mode, that’s for sure. Let me introduce -Jim & Bev Wicken – my parents!

  • They were deeply in love with each other and very romantic. Both of them enjoyed formal occasions and loved to dress-up. My dad always remembered celebrations and  treated my mom to jewellery. They liked to dance in the kitchen. My dad always called my mom “my bride”.
  • Because my dad was in the Royal Canadian Airforce we zig-zagged across Canada and lived in British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
  • Even though our life-style was unique, my parents balanced all of the constant moving by demonstrating love, respect and joy throughout their entire marriage.
  • They were stellar parents! My sister and brother and I are proud that they gave us such a solid foundation.


  1. Hi Jodie,
    Happy birthday. I hope you celebrate well.
    I love your post. I agree we can’t move forward without moving backward. I too wrote about my parents in my post, which will go live on Monday.
    Thanks so much for joining the Gratitude Gathering.

  2. What a lovely tribute. I had the good fortune to have parents who loved each other dearly. Their great joy was to do things for each other

    1. My parents treated each other very tenderly. They attended a lot of formal Air Force Functions. I have pictures of my mom in a floor length ball gown, with long gloves and sparkly shoes. My dad always wore a special outfit, almost like a tuxedo. Very snappy looking! So glad that they found each other. Thanks for commenting.

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