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Hayden’s Battle

Tarmy-478732_960_720The hero in my novel ‘Finding Hayden’ is a survivor of war. He’s alive, but barely. He’s trapped in his own thoughts re-living atrocities that he’d liked to forget.

Check out this photo. Don’t be lured into thinking that all is well. Maybe yes. Maybe no. Did these soldiers return whole? Were they injured physically or mentally?

Many people are affected by PTSD. Sometimes their lives are so grim that they believe that there is only one way out. And that is to kill themselves. The statistics are staggering.

How does one reach a person who is struggling with such intense issues? There are no easy answers. But dip into this novel and you will discover Hayden’s path. His journey is unique and special. As the author, I discovered that ‘one answer to the problem’ doesn’t fit all. The road to recovery has to be custom-made for a particular person. Sometimes the approach doesn’t work until the third or fourth attempt.

It must be tempting to give up on someone who is suffering with PTSD. Hopefully, over time, they can manage this affliction and they will function with more clarity. Love can be part of the answer. Read ‘Finding Hayden’ and discover Hayden’s path to a better life.

Have you met someone who has totally transformed his or her circumstances?



  1. My Dad told me only one story from his service as a soldier in World War II. He told it to me once and never mentioned it again.
    He had to help clean up a school yard in Britain that had been bombed. He stopped believing in God that day.
    At the end of the war he returned to Canada. They didn’t talk sbout PTSD in those days, but I’m sure many suffered from it. There were a lot of marriage break ups and alcoholism.
    It’s so sad the situations we put our young people into.
    I commend you for writing a story shedding light on the trauma.
    All the best,

    1. You are correct Jo-Ann. In that era, so many issues developed during various horrific wars – but no one paid much attention to the fall-out. I’m sure glad that I didn’t live through that era. However, there are those who are suffering so much today. It is a very sad condition. Thanks so much for commenting.

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