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Holding onto the dream


I’m attending a writers’ retreat at Mt. Washington, a year round family resort located on the eastern edge of the Vancouver Island Ranges of B.C. We are sixteen miles from the Comox Valley.
Our group consists of eight authors, all of us writing in different genres. In the summer one can choose mountain biking, chair lifts or hiking trails. But we are oblivious to what is happening outside, as we are immersed in creating our own fictional worlds.
This week my challenge is coping with computer issues. Arrgh! It’s one thing to work hard, but then to have writing evaporate is a level of annoyance/frustration/anger that is truly off the map.
I’m making an effort to re-balance and breathe, breathe. Breathing is the name of the game. I’ll roll out my yoga mat this afternoon.
I arrived with an old horseshoe that I found at home, but even that symbol of good luck hasn’t helped. But maybe on some level it has assisted. Who knows?
What have I learned this week?

I’m tough and I don’t give up. Onwards into a fresh day! The fog is lifting.
May the writing gods smile upon me.


  1. Good for you, Jodie. Never give up! I hope the yoga and breathing help. May I also recommend frequent backup to a flash drive? I hate, hate, hate losing work! Or, if you have internet, email your WIP to yourself at a different email address (e.g., a gmail one). I know some people have their computers set to automatically back up to the cloud.

    1. Yes. I have my work saved all over the place, but for some reason, it didn’t save about four and a half hours worth of editing to the Word Document or to my USB stick. Arggh!
      It may be time for a new computer.

    1. Thanks Jenny. I had a mini hissy-fit meltdown and then continued on. What a chore though. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone in some of this computer stuff.

    1. Actually, we found about seven on the property, so I’ve been trying to think of creative ways to use them. It does take the joy out of writing, if you’re on the edge wondering if the work will materialize. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi Jodie, Jim here, one of your fellow Retreaters. The bit about not giving up is inspiring. I may have to borrow the horseshoe to throw at Poul. 🙂


  3. when this has happened ot me, I take hope from hearing other writes say the work is better the second time you write it. One writer actually said they write then delete ON PURPOSE and write again.
    So believe it will be even better the second time!

    1. I’m hoping that’s the case. But it was painful to realize that my edits were out there somewhere. But not where I could find them. Arrgh! Not a pleasant experience.

  4. Hi Jodie,
    Sorry to hear about the evaporation of your words. I’ve had similar events and my son set up a system for me on Tortoise SVN so I can write on my desk top or take my laptop to another location and write there. I just have to remember to ‘commit’ and ‘update’. Human error, waiting to happen 🙂
    Good luck with the retreat. Sylvie

  5. Losing work leaves you bereft. Makes you feel helpless. But I was happy to see you pick yourself up and walk into the future.

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