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Hooked on Hozier

I wasn’t looking for a muse – but I found one. I stumbled upon an unusual You Tube clip. Irish singer-songwriter Hozier (creator of the massive hit ‘Take Me to Church’ & powerful video) was performing in a small club in Paris. He didn’t realize that tucked into the audience were choir members who intended to present him with a unique gift. The camera captures his genuine and heart-felt reaction as he suddenly realizes he has a chorus.  It’s a delightful moment.

Who is Hozier? I decided to dig into his background because I was curious and wanted to understand how someone so young could develop into such a talented lyricist, a subtle guitarist and composer of haunting melodies.

His childhood was a combination of musical influences from his father, a blues drummer, and his mom, an artist. Weave in a solid educational background (with an attraction to James Joyce and Oscar Wilde’s fairy-tale short stories, and W.B. Yate’s poetry) and an obsession with Muddy Waters and Nina Simone,  you end up with a very non-standard artist.  He is not a Hollywood pop star.

Hozier toured Europe with a choir and was accepted into a prestigious college. But he wanted to quit because he was desperate to write songs. He convinced his parents and they reluctantly agreed to his idea. Two years later he emerged from his parents’ attic ready to tackle the music industry.

The rest is history. World-wide acclaim and success. He says he can’t believe his journey.

But what really entices me into his musical world are his lyrics.  Lyrics that are raw, cynical, romantic,  and layered. His sensual and provocative videos, especially for ‘Work Song’ and ‘Someone New’ add even more emotion and weight to his ideas.

So, for me, right now, this is what I listen to before I write.  I can’t listen to any music while I’m in first draft mode. It’s way too distracting. If I focus on the musician’s words, I’m pulled out of my story.

So my question of the moment is:

Do you have a muse or a source of inspiration that enables you to enter your creative writing space?