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Into the Universe

chaos-485492_1920Well now, – the office purge has now extended into other parts of the house and into the garage. An outstanding number of items have been released! Some things were donations and some are on consignment.

The bushman sold his double kayak, an old boat motor and an electric knitting machine. They sailed away to new owners who were happy to have them. I was able to part with my high-school stamp collection, the Aunties’ costume jewellery, a vintage fur stole etc. etc.

Oh I know – how bizarre can it get? Very bizarre apparently! Along the way I unearthed an ancient thesis, too many photos, and some books I didn’t realize that I owned.

It’s definitely spring! And now with ‘space’ – I can see items that can go to the recycling.

Onwards! I might be getting a tad obsessive now as I cast my eyes towards other things in the house. But I’m relishing that oh-so-good feeling of letting stuff go.

What about you? Are you able to minimize and de-clutter? Be brave and share.


  1. I love the light feeling that comes with purging!
    We downsized to a condo just a year and a half ago, and oh boy what a project, but it felt so good!
    And now, I’m spring cleaning and finding more belongings I’m ready to part with.

    1. That must have been a huge job. Bravo!
      As well, there’s something about spring that makes me want to refresh the house. Lately, every time I turn around I find something I don’t need. It feels good.

  2. We have been packing up the house to move and I’ve been purging a lot as I find those random things in the back of the closet that I never knew where there. Like a sweater I haven’t worn for I can’t remember when. Off to the value village it goes, along with a few other items that never get touched or used. Toss, toss, toss away! It feels good to let go and let be!

    1. Yes. It is a glorious feeling and I also know that the things I’m letting go of, someone else will feel that it is a treasure. It’s a win all around.

  3. Hi Jodie,
    I’m terrible at letting stuff go. But for the Times Colonist book sale last month, we went through some (about half) of our book shelves and donated a couple of big boxes full to the sale. It wasn’t easy, but once I saw how much dust was on that top shelf, I knew that was a sure sign of how often I looked at those books! I did find a few that I wanted to read again, put them on my to-be-read list.

    1. Yes. Along with the give-away stuff I always find some books that I must read and have somehow forgotten. I hear that the Times Colonist Sale is huge. Well done! Letting go isn’t easy.

  4. Oh he’s, I’ve been purging like crazy and may yet have more to go. One of the hard things is my grandmother’s silver. I’ve carried it with me through 5 moves now (didn’t even realize I still had it until I cleaned out my storage locker. I can’t just throw it away yet I can’t remember the last time I’ve used, or anyone else I know has used silver serving dishes.

    1. The old silver is so special. I have a few pieces that belonged to my Mom. And I do use them for special occasions. I don’t think I could ever let them go. The silver serving dishes look very classy!

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