Compassionate First Responders

In my novella Finding Tony my heroine Star Madison is a paramedic. What adjectives come to mind?

I suspect you’re thinking: strong, resilient, fearless and capable. And yes, Star Madison is a confident and skilled first responder. She captures all of the above attributes. Star loves her job and finds her work stimulating and rewarding.

And yet, like many first responders, her career can overwhelm her life. She has seen too much. Lost too many. She struggles to stay positive. A case of  classic burn-out.

Rather than live in a depressed state, she decides to use the ‘geographic cure’. She moves far away and starts her life again. Many people don’t have that luxury.

I hope that you will read Finding Tony and discover how Star decides to reinvent herself.

It’s never too late to start again. If you could revisit part of your past, would you do it?

Would you choose the path not taken?



Changing Lanes

Over the last couple of years, I’ve listened to magnificent stories of people who have decided that their current line of work isn’t working for them. They simply aren’t “feeling it.” The fortunate part is that they have the courage and often the money to try something else before they become disillusioned and discouraged.

Some examples:
A woman with a graduate degree in Pharmacology who decides to become a vet.
A farrier who decides to write urban fantasy.
A university lecturer who decides to operate a primary school.
A radio talk show host who decides to write a memoir.

The list goes on and on. We don’t have to be contained in a box. We can change our direction, our perspective and our lives.

In Finding Tony my hero Tony Cooper has an opportunity to change the course of his life. He has a chance to reinvent himself. Does he have the courage to try something different right in the middle of his career? What kind of planning, hard work and a certain element of luck does it take to save yourself?

In my Christmas novella, find out what Tony decides to do by clicking here.



Can childhood interests transform into adult passions?

I always think about the backstory of my characters when writing a book. In my Christmas novella, Finding Tony, my hero is an accomplished master chef. Cooking is his passion and his obsession.

I asked myself…

In Tony’s childhood, did he help mix pancakes with his mom? Did he move a stool around the kitchen and want to help with food preparation? Did he enjoy going to a supermarket to learn about exotic vegetables and fruit? Did he look forward to the experience of pushing around the mini-shopping cart in the grocery store?

In today’s world…

Kids can watch their peer groups on television cooking shows. These young people are experts at creating fabulous meals. The contestants are coached but still they must have a natural inclination towards enjoying food and cooking for others.

In Finding Tony

Tony has been trapped in the negative underbelly of the restaurant industry. He’s swimming in debt and has lost his creative spark. He needs to reinvent himself.

Stories of ‘starting again’ have always appealed to me as I like to think that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This theme isn’t new. Many books have this plot line. But each book differs in terms of how the main character arrives at their destination.

To find out more about Tony’s journey from desperation to success, click here. To view all of the books in The Coopers series, click here.



Finding Tony’s release day & $0.99 sale

I’m excited to share the launch of my new book Finding Tony, a Christmas novella, book 3 in The Coopers series.

I can hardly believe that it’s ‘out there’ in the world. I wrote the first half over the course of a year and the second half in two weeks. Whew! What a bizarre schedule!

To celebrate, I’ve put Finding Tony on sale for $0.99 until October 9th.


Finding Tony by Jodie EschA big city paramedic fights to forget her past.
A famous chef battles the collapse of his culinary empire.
Two hearts come together.

After Star Madison’s boyfriend steals her money and her dignity, the world labels her a victim. She retreats to an island in the Pacific Northwest to follow her dream of becoming a mother. On her own. The last thing she expects is to meet a sexy New York restauranteur who alters her secret plan.

Master Chef Tony Cooper’s life is in chaos. Someone has sabotaged his business and left him in financial ruin. He returns to his family’s estate on Stanley Island and launches a campaign to regain his fortune and his pride. He has no time for love. When he meets a straight-talking woman who challenges his thinking, his life turns upside down.

Can two disillusioned souls learn to accept their mistakes and create a recipe for true love?

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Cover Reveal for Finding Tony

Here’s the cover for Finding Tony releasing on October 1st. This is a Christmas novella and a “deliciously entertaining read” as one reader has commented. In this story the focus of my hero and heroine is food, family and fun.

Book 3 in The Coopers Series which is part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

Looking forward to sharing more about this book soon.

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