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Life in general got a little too ‘lifey’.

river-rafting-1251435_1280That’s a quote from the amazing Anne Lamott – an American novelist and non-fiction writer. She felt unable to produce much writing because of exhaustion from a book tour, renovating a new home and moving in with her life partner. She needed to put writing aside. Just for while, until she felt ready to create again.

Her description seems to describe my life right now. Challenging, uneven and unexpected events are surrounding me. I feel like the people in my blog picture. The rapids are pulling me in a swift direction down the river and I’m not too sure I can see around the corner.

Ms. Lamott is also known as a political activist, public speaker and writing teacher. I value her insights, her humour and her openness. She has just finished a book promotion, and a TED talk discussing her new book, ‘Hallelujah Anyway’.

She has written other novels such as : Bird by Bird, Help, Thanks, Wow, Traveling Mercies, Small Victories, Stitches, Operating Instructions and many more. As I dug further into her biography I discovered that she’s more prolific than I realized.

Her writings cover alcoholism, single motherhood, depression and her version of Christianity. When she puts a blog entry onto Facebook, she receives tons of comments. I especially enjoy when she weaves in her reactions to the current political landscape.

So, yes, my life is a little too ‘lifey’. But I intend to hang on, hopefully with humour and grace. And I’ll get up the next day and start all over again.

Everyone has challenges. Not all challenges are revealed to the world. Kudos to those who tackle life’s obstacles with determination and vision. You are admirable people!


  1. Jodie, I sympathize. I know that feeling! I hope you can get life under control and find some time for R&R. Looking at the rafting photo reminds me of a fabulous book, “Writing Down the River: Into the Heart of the Grand Canyon.” If you can find a copy, it’s well worth a read. Here’s the blurb: “Over the course of one summer, fifteen of today’s best women writers descended into the heart of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. It was the chance of a lifetime-to do something most had never done before, to have life-changing, even dangerous experiences and share them in this trailblazing book.” There are some wonderful insights as well as wonderful writing, all from intelligent, perceptive women (one of them being a dear friend of mine, Ruth Kirk).

    1. Thanks Susan for the tip. I’ll have to look it up. Those Colorado river experiences look downright scary. But I do enjoy reading about women’s journeys. The weather is co-operating so I’m trying to get outside for a portion of the day and that also gets me ‘out of my head’ and into the real world. That’s all good, as the teens say. Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate it. I know how busy you are.

  2. I think being life-challenged can add more substance to the emotions we draw on as authors. So keep this in mind, Jodie. There are many people around you who care about your journey and we’re all cheering you on. When you look back, you’ll have gained those strengths and your writing will reflect it. xo

    1. Oh thank you Mimi. I will treasure your comments. I’m trying my best to write a little bit in the morning. One has to be strong for this journey, that’s for sure. I’m not giving up!

  3. Hi Jodie,
    I know what you mean, too lifey these days over here too. I can edit, but I can’t write at the moment. There is too much going on.
    But hey, that just means the ideas keep percolating till you have the time, then explode onto the page. That’s what I tell myself. šŸ™‚
    Keep writing.

    1. I hear you. Sometimes the writing ‘on the page’ is the last thing one can cope with. Everyone has such different challenges and lifestyles. But we are all in this ‘writers’ stew’ together. Thanks so much for commenting. I had a mini-explosion on the page today. But it was rewarding.

  4. Not all challenges are revealed to the world. How right you are, Jodie. I hope, whatever challenges you’re facing, you treat yourself with the kindness and understanding you deserve. Kudos to you for finding the time to write when life ‘gets lifey.’ And kudos to you if you step away from the page to focus on other things. There is grace and meaning in both places.

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