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Lily’s Point of View & Others

Lilys' Point Of View - from the Romance Finding HaydenIt’s intriguing to consider that everyone we meet in the course of a day is walking around on this earth, immersed in their own point of view bubble. That is, they are experiencing the world through their own eyes and through their own background of unique experiences.

So, the young man who helps me with my groceries, the bank teller, the barista  – all of these people process the world in a different way.

It’s the same with my writing. My characters approach each day in different ways because of what has happened to them in their journey through life.


Lily’s Point of View

In the first book of my contemporary romance series – Finding Hayden – my female character Lily Mae Morgan has experienced more than one heartbreak. As the author, are they my heartbreaks? No, they are not. But because of my reading and research and the challenge of inventing a new character, her point of view becomes mine. That is, I’m now writing as if I am the character.

And wow! What a rush that is! It’s important to me to decide on whose head I wish to dwell in. So, I choose not to write from the point of view of a serial killer or someone whose main goal in life is to threaten others. I just don’t want to live in that brain.

As I write, I’m hoping to create empathy. I want my reader to care about the character. I want my reader to worry about the character. And in some cases, I want the reader to be happy that they haven’t had to deal with the character’s problems.

I’m  hopeful that you will take the opportunity to read about what kind of life Lily Mae Morgan is living. I would be thrilled if you did.


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  1. That’s the fun part of writing-living someone else’s life, if only in our heads!
    Great post, Jodie, I plan on reading Finding Hayden as soon as I can catch up to my writing, lo

    1. Yes. You are correct Jacquie. I can explore the world in the comfort of my own home. And thanks for giving Finding Hayden a chance, once you have a moment in time. I appreciate it.

  2. I’m with you on avoiding ugly serial killer brains. I have zero interest in them. Lily, on the other hand sounds interesting….

    1. I think that every author has to find their comfort zone. And I find that there is so much grim stuff on social media, that I don’t feel compelled to write that way. But that’s just me. I quite liked writing Lily. She turned out to be quite a character. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I loved Lily in Finding Hayden – I love living through our characters – we get to write our way into another world. Love the creative process!

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