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Little White Magic -Book # 3 (The Girlfriends Series)

LittleWhiteMagic_CVR_MEDI’m thrilled to announce the launch of Little White Magic -Book # 3 in my Girlfriends Series available on and  This book seems to have taken forever. But when I reflected on my process, it’s because the ideas have simmered in my brain for years.

In LITTLE WHITE MAGIC, Rachel and her best friend Steph are spending the summer as junior counselors working at a camp in Vermont. But Rachel’s on a mission. What’s a girl supposed to do when she needs a new boyfriend? Enlist the help of a tarot reader, trust the cards and embrace the journey. Spiral into an adventure filled with startling revelations, where nothing is as it appears – and a mysterious, scarred young man’s talents seem almost magical.

Teens, tarot, and a touch of magic.

Dylan, my hero is a burn survivor.  In order to move forward, Dylan must acquire courage, fortitude and a belief system that will carry him into the next phase of his life. He meets my spunky heroine Rachel, who is just the right person to tackle this adventure with him.

Burn victims were in my mind. Many years ago when I was teaching kindergarten, one of my students arrived who had suffered severe burns over the summer holidays. I never saw her face.  Her head was encased in a special surgical garment. I could see her eyes. She had a small opening to breathe and of course to eat. She was very, very tough. I remember the difficulties she faced during that school year. I wonder how her life unfolded.

Five years ago, I met a man who had suffered his burns when he was thirteen. This altered his life dramatically. He went onwards to create a successful career and marriage.

Recently, I came across a series of articles in the Arizona Republic newspaper that chronicled the life of Stephanie Nielson who was burned over 80% of her body in a horrific plane crash. This strong young woman, a wife and mother eventually wrote a memoir entitled: Heaven is Here: An Incredible Story of Hope, Triumph and Everyday Joy.

All of these real people combined with my research and my imagination were amalgamated into my fictional character Dylan.

Suddenly Dylan became real. I couldn’t wait for him to meet Rachel who I knew so well because she was such an exuberant  character in my first two books. So, Little White Magic was born.

The Magical Tarot

In Little White Magic, Rachel is obsessed with tarot cards and is convinced she’s going to discover a new boyfriend using that strategy. I find the tarot fascinating and have experienced a number of readings. In some of my encounters, I’ve been shaken to the core by the accuracy and insights I’ve received.

So, in the blender of my brain, this third book emerged. I hope you will take the opportunity to read Little White Magic. I’d love to hear your reaction. If you enjoy this novel, and you’re in the mood, please take the opportunity to write a review on Amazon.

Anxious Author Jodie would appreciate it.

Finally I’d like to thank my talented copyeditor Shelley Bates of Moonshell Books. She can be found at Her attention to detail greatly enhanced this story.

Now, I’ve published my third novel. That in itself is a touch of magic.

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