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Lucky/Unlucky in Life

I’ve been pondering the whole scenario of luck. The recent  massacre in Las Vegas prompted me to think about how fortunate some people are and others are not. The sheer randomness of the incident made an impact on me. Some fans attended the concert and stayed to the end. Others did not. Some men and women were killed, others were not.

A mother and daughter were lucky and escaped. They spent some time helping others after the incident and then quickly returned home. The daughter experienced a panic attack in the airport and then once she arrived at her house, finally had the opportunity to take a shower. She discovered that she had dried blood in her hair. Not her own blood. No. The blood of murdered people. Horrifying!

Another young woman survived the horrific event and then returned to her community to discover that her house was destroyed in one of the California fires. Another blow!

Some victims returned home to their families only to discover that they were being attacked on social media.

These incidents will continue to haunt these people. They will be coping with some version of PTSD.

So, even if one survives a ghastly event, that is only the beginning. In my novel Finding Hayden, my protagonist discovers the challenges of living with a nightmare.

I hope that all those affected by the Las Vegas tragedy can find some solace with family, friends and professionals in order to move forward with their lives. Were they lucky? Were they unlucky? Time will tell.

When you have the opportunity to reflect on a particular situation in your own life, then sometimes you are able to truly understand how lucky you were.

Lucky/unlucky. Do you wish to share an incident?


  1. I think Las Vegas has a lot of us wondering how such a thing could happen and how life can be so random. If we’re lucky enough to have escaped Las Vegas, wild fires and other assorted disasters we take a deep breath and hug family and friends closer. And if we have a chance to help we do.

    1. You are so correct Pat. And yet we have to keep on living and experiencing life or we would end up like Howard Hughes – a total recluse, afraid to engage with the world. But these tragedies certainly had my attention. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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