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The Magic of Seven – Ann Mortifee

Recently I had the privilege of listening to a radio interview given by Canada’s Ann Mortifee. She’s known as a singer, composer, librettist (full disclosure – I had to look that word up – that is she is the writer of librettos).

As well, she’s an author, story teller and keynote speaker around the world. Her music blends folk, musical theatre, pop, sacred and world music.

At the end of this month, she’s presenting shows in Vancouver, B.C.  entitled The Magic of Seven –Seven Decades of Spirit in Story and Song.

She says that as she enters her seventh decade she wants to spend time doing what she loves and seeing what sticks. You have to love that goal. She noted that each of us has something to offer to the world. It’s important to step up with what you really love.

On a somber note she states: “We are the cancer on the planet. We are fouling our own nest on every level.” But music sustains her and fulfills her.

At the end of the interview, she confides – “I’m not done yet”.

Whatever decade you may be entering, these are wise words.

Thank you Ann Mortifee. She reminds us to awaken more fully to the gifts within ourselves.



  1. Thanks for this, Jodie. With odd synchronicity, yesterday I listened to an interview with Buffy Saint-Marie – singer, songwriter and activist, still beautiful and going strong at age 76. She said much the same as Ann Mortifee. Mankind fails to learn lessons from history, and we do serious damage. She has been a creative person since she was a little kid, she has always used her creativity to speak out (even when two American past presidents blackballed her so that radios wouldn’t play her music), and she continues to speak out. She says that a 3-minute song can be a more powerful teaching tool than a big textbook (and so, I believe, can a novel). And she remains positive and optimistic. She also just released a brand new album, “Medicine Songs.” These women are such powerful role models.

    1. I love both these women. I love their energy and their passion. They keep pushing the envelope of their creativity. And they live their lives according to their beliefs.
      The last time I heard Buffy Saint-Marie interviewed, she was absolutely magical. Thanks for taking the time to comment Susan.

    2. I love Buffy Saint-Marie. I was present when she was given an honorary doctorate at Vancouver Island University a few months ago. What a wonderful woman. I honour how true she has been to herself all her life.

  2. I’m already in that decade, so I felt as if she was speaking for me. Ann Mortifee has a lot to say about keeping creatively engaged. I like that. Very positive. Thanks for taking the time to comment Alice.

  3. Fascinating, Jodie.

    I love to hear about people like Ann who remain creative in their seventh, eighth and ninth decades.

    I’m just about to finish my seventh decade. I feel so alive and happy, grateful to be experiencing a resurgence of my creativity, branching out to new media (creating multimedia online workshops for storytellers), and feeling new passion for storytelling.

    We are the baby-boomer generation and we’ve been redefining what’s permissible with each decade of our lives.

    I’ll definitely be looking up Ann Mortifee’s work!

    Thanks, Jodie, for writing about her.

    1. Yes. It’s absolutely inspiring that becoming an ‘elder’ does not mean that the creative journey ends. I love all of the different things you are involved in right now. Congratulations! Enjoy the ride!

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