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Marketing Methods

lightning-399853_1920Recently, I’ve been alerted to a marketing strategy that some of my author friends have tried and that appears to be successful to them. That is, the whole concept of giving away books. I know. Groan! About five years ago, I found that idea rather insulting, that is, that anyone would donate their hard work to the universe.

However, that is a concept that rolls along with e-books. One lures the reader into downloading a free book and then supposedly they are so excited that they’ll become entranced with other books that the author has written. In fact, many writers have the first book in a series ‘perma-free’ – forever available as a free down-load.

Now along comes: (OMG – LOST the live link – my apologies -sometimes my ‘low level knowledge smacks me in the face’).

As they state on their website: Connecting readers to authors they love. Readers can join, authors can join.

There is a choice of plans. Pro – for $50.00 USD a month, Plus  – $20.00 a month and Basic – Free Forever (now you have to love that one).

Basically, going this route eliminates sending a MOBI file or an E-pub to a reader. As I’ve discovered a number of potential readers have no idea what to do with these files. You are rewarding your fan base by giving them free copies of your books.

As well, readers can opt-in to your mailing list. Hopefully, by doing this you are helping to build a dedicated audience.

Support is available from instafreebie if you get confused. (and I certainly seem to be in that zone this morning).

Full disclosure: I haven’t tried this yet. I spent the weekend in the Nana Role with a toddler. No time to embrace my writing life. I fell on the bed after he left.