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Military Widows

I’m writing this post on a brilliant sunny day and the weather makes me feel good. Yet I’m contemplating sadness, as I prepare to release my second contemporary romance novel – Finding Quinn.

The female protagonist Kelsey Malone is facing a personal battle. As a military widow, she’s attempting to embrace a new chapter in her life. She has to. She’s forced to. Her husband was killed in war. She must come  to terms with her devastating loss. Of course, it’s not that simple, she also has to demonstrate strength to her two young sons.

Every day of the week military spouses all over the world receive the dreaded message, “We regret to inform you …”

How does life go on? How does Kelsey manage? What are her choices? I urge you to follow one women’s soul-shattering journey. Please pick up a copy of Finding Quinn.

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Have you ever been faced with a life-changing moment? If you have the interest and the time to share, please do so.

I applaud your courage.

Finding Quinn’s Book Description

Finding Quinn by Jodie EschA military widow’s journey.

A wildfire fighter obsessed with working in danger zones.

Two different worlds.

Do they have the courage to face the future together?

“We regret to inform you …” They’re the words every military spouse dreads.
Kelsey Malone mourns the tragic loss of husband while balancing work and two kids on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. She struggles to accept the loss of her soul mate and embarks on a journey of picking up the pieces. Accepting her new reality is a challenge.

Quinn Cooper is a wildfire fighter addicted to risk and adventure. He adopts a transient life style searching for the next big thrill and adrenalin rush. But he has to examine his choices when he meets a woman who needs his support. He’s not expecting to find a woman who makes him reflect on his decisions. Is he prepared for the new chapter that lies just around the corner?


  1. Losing a husband is the most difficult thing in life especially if the wife is left with young children. People in this situation could benefit from reading about how others might handle it.

    1. Well, there are a lot of books available for widows to read. I’m hopeful that someone will wish to read about Kelsey’s journey.
      Every person’s path is different. It’s important to find strategies that make sense for the person’s circumstances.

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