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Moving Backward – Moving Forward

head-1597555_1920I’ve just finished reading Liane Moriarty’s novel ‘What Alice Forgot’. She is also the author of The Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies.

The premise of the novel is intriguing. “If you erased part of the past, would the present be any different?” I must admit, I found the opening rather sluggish but then it picked up speed. At age thirty-nine, Alice Mary Love falls on her head and she can’t remember the previous decade of her life. She discovers that she is in the middle of a divorce, has birthed three kids, has a complex relationship with her sister and can’t remember anything about why her life is a mess.

Alice has an opportunity to make different choices. But will she? I think the novel held my attention as I read it so close to the dawning of 2017. As I reflected on the past year I wondered what I would have changed and what I wished were different. Like most people, my life had hills and valleys. And the majority of negative events were out of my control. And when I think about it, perhaps the positive events weren’t due to me as well. I see this more clearly, now that I am older.

I believe many of us have this illusion of control over our lives, and that concept is flawed. However, believing we are in charge at least makes us get out of bed. And certainly, in order to thrive and move forward, we have to capture hope.

This is a thought-provoking novel. Ms. Moriarty is a brilliant writer and is able to shine a light on tender love, fascinating families and difficult children. I would recommend this book as the issues raised resonated with me long after I’d read the last page.

If you lost the last ten years of your life, how would you feel?