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Names, Names, Names

When I first started writing fiction I decided that I needed to have a pseudonym. Why? I’m not too sure. I simply wanted to invent a name. So I chose ‘Joan Morgan’. Joan was my name at birth and Morgan was a strong name, that I liked. So Joan Morgan I became.

During my teen years, in real life, I transferred to a new school in Grade 11 in Montreal. When Mr. Singer called the names of the students in the class, I insisted I was actually ‘Jodie’. It took awhile for my father, sister and brother to embrace the idea but eventually everyone was on board. My insistence on re-naming myself had a lot to do with fresh beginnings. My family moved a lot and I wanted a fresh start, with a fresh new name.

Years passed and I returned to Victoria, my place of birth and met up with the senior Aunties. The Aunties weren’t having any of the Jodie nonsense -so they basically resorted to calling me Joanie.

However, I kept up with the Joan Morgan ritual with my mom. This was the name that I always used when we emailed. I would summarize my writing adventures and always end the note with Joan Morgan.

So today I want to say:

Dear Mom,

I wish you were here to share my joy. I’m published and I have readers! I didn’t give up. You told me to persevere. So I did! I miss our chats about writing and life. Our conversations ended too soon.

Love You Forever

Joan Morgan

So my questions for today are, in terms of the publishing world.

Are you content with your actual name?

Do you plan to choose a different name?

Are you pleased with your pseudonym?

Ah yes! The power of naming! That’s one of the reasons why I adore writing. I can name my characters whatever I want. And I do.