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Pinterest, Cake Plates & More

Pinterest For Fun

Searching for photos that are appealing is very engaging. Whether you are looking for garden designs, kitchen renovations or the latest Keto recipes, Pinterest can hold your interest. It’s like having access to a phenomenal number of magazines.

Recently, I decided to make a board for Cake Plates because I have a personal collection in my kitchen. Over the years, I’ve collected family heirlooms and have added garage sale finds and second hand store treasures. I use my cake plates often and take delight in displaying cookies, bars, cakes & pies. I find this very relaxing.

Pinterest For My Books

I’ve also enjoyed searching for photos that represent my Young Adult Novels, The Girlfriends as well as my Contemporary Romances, The Coopers.

Click here to see my Pinterest Boards.

Hope that you will follow my Pinterest Boards. What do you enjoy pinning on Pinterest?


  1. Great blog, Jodie! Already following you on Pinterest 🙂 I really enjoy Pinterest as well. I mostly pin things that inspire my writing and that I can use as a visual reference for my stories. Things like horses, historical clothing, inventions & accessories.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jacqui. I appreciate that you are following me on Pinterest. So many fabulous photos! Great to know how Pinterest is helping your research.

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