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Proud To Be A Canadian

flag-1815946_1920What a festive weekend we’ve experienced! Lots of flag waving and events to attend. From sea-to-shining sea, we’ve celebrated Canada’s 150 special birthday party.

Are we a perfect country? No. Certainly not. We have issues from the past that continue to haunt us and we’re always striving for improvement. But we are a safe country, and for the most part, we are filled with hard-working, honest people. Folks who love their families, friends and their country.

Due to a unique set of circumstances (I was a child in an air-force family) I learned to live in many different places.  We moved constantly. Once I became an adult, I became an adventurer and continued this nomadic lifestyle.

I lived in the following locations: British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and the Northwest Territories. Each a unique and special place, with their own highlights and challenges.

I’m glad that I was exposed to many different places within Canada. It stretched my thinking and made me more open-minded. Because I always know, tucked away in the back of my mind, that there are many ways ‘to be’ in Canada. There is not just one way to live. There are many ways to live.

So on this special holiday weekend, I’m so lucky to call myself a Canadian. Bravo Canada! I am proud!

Hope that you enjoyed a fantastic weekend with your loved ones. What did you do to celebrate Canada?




  1. Hi Jodie, We spent some time in the inner harbour in Victoria on Canada Day. Tons of people, bands, vendors, visitors. It was fun and inspiring. Like a speaker once said, after watching the news, go outside, get down on your knees and kiss the ground. Thank God you live in Canada. 🙂

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