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Researching, Pondering & Plotting

brain-954823_1920My mind is adrift with a thousand different possibilities for my next book Finding Quinn – the second novel in my island romance series – The Coopers. I’m digging into plot lines, creating back stories for my main characters and learning new things. The internet is outstanding, as I search for articles that will help me flesh out the issues in this latest project.

I’m currently ensconced at a writers’ retreat in Port Alberni in a rambling two storey fishing lodge. One writer stated this morning that he doesn’t want to share too much when he’s writing his story because he’s concerned that some of the power of the story will be lost.

And that’s the status of my work right now. It’s like a fledgling chick that hasn’t lifted off the ground yet. I’m still getting to know my people, still discovering what makes them get up in the morning, still carefully entering into their lives.

Are they real people? Well, in order to entice the reader, they have to be as real as I can make them. They need real life problems. Their worries must capture the reader and want them to turn the page. The struggles of my characters must touch the reader and make them feel sadness, or anger, or longing, or any other deep emotion.

A daunting task? Oh yes. But no one has ever said that writing fiction is easy. Not one person.  Creating stories is challenging, intoxicating and one of the most obsessive adventures I’ve undertaken. I’m glad I’m surrounded this week with ‘my tribe’. Writers who ‘get it’.

Do you have a tribe or are you quite content to work on your own?





  1. Researching is part of the fun of starting a new book! I love going through Pinterest, it’s great for learning new places, fashion, hero inspiration 🙂
    Have fun creating, Jodie!

    1. Yes. It’s a lot of fun to get lost in all of the new articles, photos etc. I have to be careful that I’m not enjoying it so much that I forget to do the ‘fresh writing’. Thanks for stopping by Jacquie. I know how busy you are with your writing.

    2. Yes. Pinterest is like having your own personal set of glorious, expensive magazines. I love it, but I can get lost in it as well. Thanks Jacquie for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  2. I don’t always start out with a clear idea of my hero and heroine, but I have found that if I have a photo to refer to, it helps keep my writing in line. Same for a trajectory for the story, although sometimes things go strangely awry!
    Good luck, Jodie

    1. Yes, I love visuals to help me out. Once my cover is organized, that’s helpful as well. And you’re right, I’m always amazed when a plot line or character emerges out of the blue! It’s truly magical!

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