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Sometimes It’s Enough …

mothers-day-717610_1920To watch the garden spinner twirl in the wind

To marvel at the opening of a blood red poppy

To discover the owl blending into the tree

To wonder at the conversations of birds

To feel the breeze caress my limbs

Sometimes this is enough.

And for today – it was.

Because my mind was at ease and I was floating above my chaise lounge, I wondered about my character Lily in my novel ‘Finding Hayden’.

  • Did she take the time to enjoy the small moments in her life?
  • Did she question her chosen path?
  • Did she experience regrets?
  • Where did she find her courage?

Follow Lily’s journey in Finding Hayden (available on Amazon).

She made some distinct choices. When faced with a difficult decision, how do you work it out?