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An eye-opener!

Well now! Full disclosure. I must confess I’m  a political junkie. I believe it’s because I lived in the province of Quebec for over fourteen years. And that province is a hot-bed of intensity. How do I find relief? When the news gets too overwhelming, or I get too rattled, then I resort to a … Continue reading An eye-opener!

The Vancouver Writers Fest – Oct 15-21

In the heart of Vancouver, on Granville Island as well as at three off-island venues, lies an outstanding opportunity for readers and writers to immerse themselves in writerly conversations about books. A massive number of authors attend this festival. Events are organized by genre. Participants can choose from the following: Adventure, Can Lit, Current Affairs, … Continue reading The Vancouver Writers Fest – Oct 15-21

Why I read.

Every once in a while, a section of a novel or sometimes the entire book,  blazes into my brain. And the moment is so delicious, so arresting, so fantastic that  I’m in debt to the author for opening my eyes. I’m able to see the world in a different way. I’ve been reading The Crowning Glory … Continue reading Why I read.

Those Little Free Libraries

You’ve seen them around most towns.  Those home-made book exchange boxes or cupboards (usually colourful and funky) that folks place in front of homes, schools, and businesses. The simple concept is, take a book, and return a book. Some cities even have an interactive Google Map of where you might find a Free Library in … Continue reading Those Little Free Libraries

Replenishing The Well

In my pursuit of the craft of writing, it’s easy to forget that it’s crucial to continue with reading. I’ve always been a reader but when trying to complete a manuscript, reading can fall by the edge of the road. Books are critical to my improvement as a writer. I want to be humbled, brought to my … Continue reading Replenishing The Well