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The Dream of a “Forever” Mother

What happens to a child when a mother exits a marriage and disappears?

This theme of abandonment and loss haunted me as I read true-life anecdotes as well as fictional stories about girls who lost their mothers.

These are some of the issues that I wanted to explore in LITTLE WHITE CASTLES (A Novella) Book #4 in The Girlfriends Series  available on and  I’m so pleased to release this novella to the world. I hope that you will enjoy reading LITTLE WHITE CASTLES. 

My heroine, Rachel,  now a teenager, spends her time creating fantasies of where her mother might be living and what she might be doing today.

Rachel and her best-friend Steph try to unravel the mystery of Rachel’s missing mother. An intuitive soul, Rachel turns to her beloved Tarot cards for support and guidance as she sets out on an uncharted journey. Will Rachel find an answer to satisfy her dreams?

Did you have dreams as a child that you were determined to pursue? A certain job? A special trip? An unusual goal?
When I was a teenager I was obsessed with traveling to the Canary Islands? Why? I’m not so sure. Maybe because it was far away and sounded exotic. I didn’t go until thirty years later. Did the trip satisfy my dream? Not really. But I guess I just had to visit and see for myself.

I’d love to hear about your early passions. Did you follow a dream? How did it turn out? Are you following your dream now?

Stop by and make a comment, I’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

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