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The Law of Attraction

Finding Quinn by Jodie EschRhonda Byrne’s book The Secret (2006) created a lot of attention. Various  teachers contributed to this self-help book giving advice on money, health and relationships.

But the more we read about what works in relationships, the less we seem to understand. Two very different individuals meet and for some reason, there is that spark, that zing, that something that’s in the air.

It’s in the air

Kelsey Malone and Quinn Cooper feel it. They can’t define it, they don’t understand it, but that sensation is like an electrical current connecting them. The timing isn’t right. They’re not looking for a partner.

But that attraction begins on the dance floor. Here’s an excerpt from that scene.

Quinn was a natural, graceful on his feet. He definitely knew how to western dance. Kelsey couldn’t remember when she’d felt so free. The beat of the drums joined the rhythm of her heart as she swayed and spun in Quinn’s strong arms. 

His hands slid down her back and she looped her arms around his neck.

“How are you doing?” he said, his breath warm on her cheek. Speechless she couldn’t respond.

But she leaned into him …

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How do Kelsey Malone and Quinn Cooper deal with this staggering attraction? Have you ever been unexpectedly swept away?