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The Power of Secrets

weaving-1821313_1920In each book that I’ve read in the last little while, I’m discovering that the topic of secrets is becoming more prevalent as a theme. Or maybe ‘secrets’ have always been there, but this is the first time that I’m noticing them.

Sometimes the secrets are little fibs. Sometimes the secrets are life changing events such as a birth, a death, an accident or some other major issue that is hidden from others.

In some books, the answer seems so transparent. Please characters,  talk to each other and have a meaningful discussion.  In other novels, the secrets are so interwoven with the complexities of life, that it would be like trying to untangle a messy ball of yarn.

If the writing is brilliant and engaging, then as a reader I’ll hang on for the ride as the author reveals the characters’ backstories. If the secrets appear fake or unimportant, then I’ll put the book aside.

What is your reading experience like? Are you attracted to the theme of secrets?