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The Writing Process Blog Hop

Thank you to author Lisa McManus who graciously invited me to be a participant in The Writing Process Blog Hop. Lisa can be found at

1. What is my current project?

I’m promoting my four Young Adult novels – The Girlfriends Series. Rachel and Steph are best buddies, but their friendship is challenged by events at home, at school and at summer camp. I wrote book four – Little White Castles, this past winter. My books are available on Amazon.




2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m humbled by the brilliance of YA authors. Superb writing by Sarah Dessen and John Green and others capture the reader. I like to study the strategies that authors use to create masterful work. There is always something new to learn from those who have major fans. In terms of my own work, my books tackle serious topics, but the tone is lightened by the humour of Rachel, my main character.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I spent years working in schools as a teacher, vice-principal and principal. Hearing the voices of young people was part of my life. I’m attracted to this age group because their lives are theatrical and complex. Emotions soar and I wanted to explore their issues. Writing in first person creates an intimacy with which I hope to involve the reader.

4. My writing process

When I’m working outside on our hobby farm, ideas are expanding in my brain. I trap my ideas in notebooks. I’m obsessed with notebooks, probably a lasting souvenir of my time spent in classrooms.

Character sketches, sub-plots, setting, etc. are all part of my initial efforts. I don’t know exactly what will happen in the novel, but I need a solid direction. I tried ‘writing into the mist’ but found myself ‘lost in the fog’. Many admirable writers are ‘pantsers’ but that process doesn’t work for me. Once I create the ending, I write towards that final scene.

When I have some details in place, then I’m ready to begin. Over the past year, I’ve focused on creating a vibrant setting. If I’m comfortable with the location then my characters can settle in too.

Even after my advance work, my characters will surprise me and events can take place that I could never have predicted. Plot lines emerge as I create the story. Sometimes I feel like I’m swept away. And that is a very good feeling. The more I learn about writing –the more I realize I’ve just scratched the surface. It’s a magical, sometimes maddening and mysterious journey that I’ve chosen to embrace.

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