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There’s something about Water

All my life I’ve loved water. That is, immersing myself in it, whether it is simply a shower, or floating in a hot tub, or swimming in a pool, or a lake or the ocean. However, because I’m such a big fan of pools, I like to see the bottom of what I’m swimming in so it has to be clear. So lakes are not usually my thing. Just my little obsession.

I learned to swim in outdoor swimming pools, that were not heated. I don’t understand why my limbs didn’t wither and fall off. Ah, the life of an Air Force kid. Great pools, but frigid water. I climbed up the ladder of swim lessons and eventually was a lifeguard for a brief period of time and taught kids to swim. Truly, I love water.

When I’m in water, I re-connect with my body and I love that sensation. I utilize swimming as a way to get ‘out of my head’. However, recently, I’m discovering that while moving in the water – all kinds of ‘watery words’ are emerging.

As I swim, I ponder the reality of the latest scene in my manuscript. Could that event take place? Would the protagonist actually say that phrase? Of course, these thoughts are interspersed with staring at other swimmers via my swim goggles or making a grocery list.

Swimming can be like meditation. Let the thought in, release that thought. In a perfect world, after swimming, I look for a place to have tea where I can settle down with my notebook and make notes of the truths that came to me while I was in the water.

Many people walk or hike to change their thinking. I head to the water. Just a different path. I’m so glad that over these many years, I can still find relief, happiness and even answers to my writing in the water. What a gift!

What do you do to find yourself?



  1. I envy you your connection to water. For me – it’s all about staying alive. Unless I’m in my bubble tub. Then it’s all about reading and sneaking away from the world for some precious time on my own.

    1. I’m making myself go to the pool as the water is very gentle on the joints. I would love to return to Yin yoga, which I was doing about half a year ago. It’s all about finding out what works for your mind and for your body. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I’m right with you. I’ve always loved playing in the water. I was a competitive swimmer when I was a kid. I swim lengths in the local pool three days a week. It keeps me sane and is part of my routine. I can’t say it’s meditative for me, but it relaxes me. I meditate on land:)
    Loved your post.
    Miss you.

    1. Hi Jo-Ann,

      Great to hear from you. Former swimmers tend to just keep swimming. I’ve always loved pool swimming as it is a skill for a lifetime.
      I meditate on land as well. I feel I need to be grounded (as in sitting still) when I make an effort to empty my mind. Miss you too!

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