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When in doubt …

When I was young, my dad would share his favourite mantra which was: “When in doubt go back to school.” So whenever I was flopping about (which was often) or changing careers (which was often) he didn’t express concern or disgust. Instead, he would push me towards taking a class, or returning to university. He believed in forward momentum.

His words reverberated in my brain as I set forth on Saturday, Jan. 27th to Tempe, Arizona to take part in a workshop entitled YOU ARE IN GRAVE DANGER: Using Tarot to Generate Framework for Poetry and Prose.

This conference – Writer’s Craft was hosted by the MFA creative writing students in partnership with the Virginia G. Piper Centre for Creative Writing and Barrett, the Honors College.

It was free to students and to all members of the community. Tra la. What fun!

Topics included, writer’s block, the submission process, YA, dialogue, forms of narration, narrative craft & play for educators and parents. A full buffet of whatever suited your needs.

My instructor, Natasha Murdock was delightful. She presented her workshop with a dry sense of humour and flexibility, while staying focused on her mission of how to generate new writing or revising writing while using the Tarot.

I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to attend. Now I’m filled with ideas and ready to continue on with my work in progress.

Have you ever utilized the Tarot in this way? Or have you attended a Tarot reading that took your breath away?






    1. Hi Pat, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Whatever helps the writing process is a very good thing. There are so many interesting Tarot decks to choose from. Lots of fun.

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