Little White Pills

Book 2, The Girlfriends Series

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Little White PillsChapter 1

My fate is the Land Of Perfection. Perfect grades, perfect body, perfect life. But I’m faltering. I’m not who you think I am.

I stroke the side of the plastic vial of little white pills, considering what to do. I twist off the cap, pop one down my throat and gulp some water. It’s all good. They’re prescription, you know. Not mine, of course, but legal. Just something to take the edge off my day. I tuck my secret deep in my pocket and get ready for school.

I’m the girl you love to hate. I have it all. Brains, looks, friends. My best friend Rachel says so and she’s right about everything. So I’d like to agree with her – but most days, about this particular topic, I think she’s wrong. So what if I’m pretty, get straight A’s and have a ton of friends? None of that makes me feel good.

I’m only in the tenth grade and Dad and Mom keep asking what I want to do with the rest of my life. My life. I tell them I haven’t a clue. What I do know is I plan to be ultra-careful about the path I choose. I won’t follow my dad.

I don’t want to spend my life hating what I do. I don’t want to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and think ‘Is this all there is?’ I need to discover what’s out in the world at my own pace. That’s the problem. My parents are fast-track kind of people, looking for the best, wanting the most expensive stuff. Every day they push, push, push. Push themselves. And push me.

My grandpa wanted Dad to be a lawyer. So he went to Harvard Law School. But now he’s a busy orthodontist in Portervale, north of Seattle. I have no idea why he changed his mind. Now he spends all day making smiles sparkle. One day I wish he would make me smile.

My mom used to be a model. But then she got married and had me. I wasn’t part of her plan. I think she’s still recovering from the fact she got pregnant. Now she’s a home stager. She gets to spend other people’s money to make their houses look fabulous in order to sell them. The owners then move on to their next fantastic place.

I think her work is boring. Everything is super organized and the sofas look like you shouldn’t sit on them or they’d bruise. The designer kitchens shine but never have a yummy smell. So Mom fakes it. She uses a mini Crock Pot and chucks in some gingerbread goop. This aroma makes the house feel homey so clients will fall in love with the place. I suppose it works because she’s always busy. She loves ‘decluttering and neutralizing’ a home, as she calls it, to help buyers see its full potential. But she should look carefully at her daughter’s potential.

Me? I’m Steph, Child Number One of the Baxter household. Actually, I’m the one and only, and this is my story.

Available On: Amazon