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Writing & Wimbledon

wilson-2259352_1920True Confession: I’m a tennis fan. So currently, with Wimbledon on television, I’m totally hooked. Wimbledon is a Grand Slam tennis tournament taking place at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, in the United Kingdom. This tournament is the 131st edition of the championships. The prize money is amazing. The matches are played on grass courts, with royalty in the stands and ticket-holders sipping champagne and enjoying strawberry desserts. It’s all rather theatrical.

It’s interesting, when I was growing up, my Mom loved to watch tennis. My sister and I were confused. How could anyone watch a sport that was so totally boring? We used to comment that it was like watching paint dry.

And yet, here I am, many years later, addicted to watching the same sport.  I played a bit of tennis in my teens, but certainly didn’t have any lessons or knowledge of the game. My tennis agenda was to simply spend time with cute boys.

Because I’ve watched the sport a lot, it occurred to me that even though some players can make outstanding amounts of money – most players do not achieve that pinnacle of success. They do their best and play because they love the game. If they can make a bit of cash, then that’s a good thing.

Tennis demands:

  • focus
  • a healthy body & a healthy attitude
  • solid coaches – a talented support team is critical
  • years of practice
  • determination
  • and when it’s all said and done – it’s a lonely game. Just you and your opponent.

Writing demands:

  • The identical list (How amazing is that?)
  • Especially the solitary component. Writing is lonely too.  When I write, it’s just me and the page. But at the same time, I’m reaching out to readers
  • Mix in passion, curiosity, creativity and a willingness to live with that mosquito in your brain (Why am I doing this?)

In summary: Tennis is a head game. Writing is a head game.

So, on days when your writing is drifting and you’re wondering why you’re bothering at all, ponder the lives of other people who have chosen a profession/or career where they don’t necessarily receive accolades along the way.

Life is a journey. Every writing path is different. Are you on the road to where you want to go?


  1. Who knows, at some point a tennis player could end up in the pages of your book. My son played and did several camps growing up. The tennis coach said if he wanted to he could be successful enough to get scholarships to universities in the States. He wasn’t that interested but a co-worker’s son did that years ago.

    My son has written at least one poem during his school years featuring tennis.

    1. Hi Pat, It’s quite a demanding game, both physically and mentally. I admire the strategies that players have to come up with in order to out-smart their opponent. Kids have to want to do it though, that’s for sure. Thanks for dropping by.

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